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Nail your next job/school/scholarship application

You are an ambitious student/professional/entrepreneur/young leader and you want to change your life for the best by are applying:

  • To a top business school
  • To your next job or internship
  • To a fellowship/scholarship/award/any kind of selective program


  • You keep procrastinating the moment to work on your essays/cover letter
  • You are doubting your ability to make an outstanding impression during your interview/presentation and be selected
  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed by the preparation process

Is that you? If yes, then you are at the right place.

I have been in your shoes more times than I can recounter, and had my shares of mistakes and missed opportunities. Hopefully, I have learned from my failures and developed a strong ability to be successful in my applications while being absolutely authentic.

  • I was admitted to a Top European Business School despite an average law degree from a public University in Cameroon
  • I was hired as a Marketing intern is the particularly sought-after L’Oréal headquarters in Paris
  • I won an Award for best Innovation from the CPI program and won a study trip to Stanford University and Silicon Valley in 2010
  • I received (but yet declined) a job offer from a top management consulting in Paris
  • I managed to be hired as a consultant in a firm with a prominent engineering and tech culture without any significant background in these fields
  • I received the prestigious McKinsey Next Generation Women Leader Award for my career coaching project
  • I joined Stanford West Africa team as an innovation & entrepreneurship specialist after a very selective process

And the list could go on. Before you, I have had the pleasure of successfully helping many students and young professionals in the process of applying to a selective school or program, aiming at taking their career or business to the next level.

This could be you. Whatever your background*, the degrees you have, or your level of self-confidence, I could make you access new opportunities by:

  • Giving you clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and use them as a leverage for your success
  • Helping you present yourself and your background in the most unique and impactful way
  • Giving you actionable steps and practical advice to understand the expectations of the organization you are applying for, and make them want you!

Don’t wait. Don’t send any additional average application and miss what could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Depending on your budget, you can:

  1. Book a 1-hour coaching call with me: 200 € 150 € promo until March 30th, 2018
  2. Book a 4 weeks one-to-one coaching program: 800 € 600 € promo until March 30th, 2018
  3. Request a 90-minutes group coaching session (5 to 8 participants): 80 € /person

What’s next? Please tell me more. Fill the form below, and in the How May I Help You Section:

  • Give me as many explicit details about your situation/application as you can
  • Tell me the kind coaching format your session you would like to have (1., 2. or 3.)
  • Tell me the date by which you would like us to work together
  • Expect to hear from me or my team very soon in your mailbox for the scheduling of our next session!

*subject to compliance with the targeted organization’s eligibility criteria

Cheers to your future success, and talk to you soon!